PyPref is a card game Preferans written in the Python programming language. For some time PyPref existed only in a version for Symbian OS smartphones. Now, this version of the game is also available on the devices where Python with Tkinter graphical environment is installed. This can be as personal computers, and various PDA with ARM processor architecture working under control of Microsoft Windows CE based OS (PocketPC, Windows Mobile, etc.).

The game supports QVGA and VGA screen resolution or window size and two desk orientations: portrait and landscape.

How to install PyPref on PDA.

  1. Install Python programming environment for Windows CE. Installation CAB-file can be found here: PythonCE-25-20061219.PPC2003_ARM.CAB.
  2. Install Tkinter GUI support. This package should be installed only in memory of PDA not on the memory card. Installation CAB-file can be found here: Tkinter-TclTk-Lib_ARM.CAB.
  3. Finally, install the game itself. Installation CAB-file can be found here: PyPref-2.0.CAB.

For start of the game go to the folder [game installation place]\Program Files\Pypref and select file For the game control you may use the stylus or the navigation buttons (long-press on the OK button is 'Break').

If you have PDA with a VGA screen, then replace the file [PythonCE installation place]\Program Files\Python25\python.exe on file python.exe.VGA

How to install PyPref on Windows.

There are two way to do it:

1. If you already have Python installed, then download ZIP file with the game, unpack it in any place, go to the folder pypref and select the file pypref.pyw to start the game.

2. You can install the game as standalone application. To do this just download and install the PyPref-2.0-setup.exe package.

How to install PyPref on Unix-like OS.

Most users of such systems are have already installed Python with Tkinter GUI support. If not, look here, or contact your system distributor. To install the game you must download and unpack at any location convenient for you compressed TAR archive PyPref-2.0.tar.gz with the game. To start the game you need to cd pypref directory and run from the command line 'python'.